Hulu, Viacom pull "Roseanne" reruns

If I were Roseanne Barr, I would avoid any face-to-face contact with any of my co-stars because it could be on, on-sight.

After a racist tweet that led to her current show's cancellation, literally hundreds of people suddenly found themselves out of a job.

Well, it gets worse. Last night, it was announced that a number of networks/platforms will be pulling reruns of the old "Roseanne" show.

We are not talking about some off-brand stations. No, we are talking about major disributors. For example, Viacom, which aired the show on TV Land, CMT and Paramount Network booted the show from its lineup. Hulu announced that it's also pulling the show from its library. Laff, another streaming platform, says that, at least for the time being, it is also following suit.

If you aren't aware, when a show is syndicated, the stars of the show get residual payment for their episodes airing/streaming. If you could imagine, if you were the star of a popular show, and reruns of it were being aired multiple times a day, you have the potential of having some rather nice checks coming in for a long time. No, imagine all of that suddenly stopping because of stupidity of one of you co-stars. When you mess with money that some are relying on to help take care of their families, I'm sure you might want to avoid close personal contact with those you've negatively impacted.

Oh, on a side note, Roseanne is not blaming her personal racism for her behavior. She blames the drug Ambien for her calling a black woman an "ape". So, what was her excuse when she compared Susan Rice, another black woman in the Obama administration, to an ape, also?