Kanye says he's done with politics

Either he's back on his meds, he realizes he stepped in it or both but, Kanye West now says that he's distancing himself "from politics and completely focusing on being creative".

Over the last several months, most notably beginning with his crazed rant on TMZ, where he claimed "slavery was a choice", Kanye has been riding the "Trump train" pretty hard.  Since then, he's embarrassed himself not only on "Saturday Night Live" but, more importantly,  went to the White House where, in a profanity-laced stream of consciousness, he proceeded to act a total fool.

Now, just about 2 weeks removed from this, Kanye West is now trying to do a 180-degree turn, taking to Twitter that he was being used to further others' political aims (let's say it together..."duh!").

Here are the tweets:

So, it looks like Kanye is trying to come home but, thanks to his antics of the past, roughly, six months he's burned his bridges with a lot of folks, mainly those of us who used to support his musical projects. In this tweets, he still comes off a lot like Trump.  For example, there's no apology to the people he's screwed over to curry favor with his "father figure" Donald Trump.  Also, notice that there is a lot of CYA (covering your a**) in his tweets.

Simply put, it might take more than slinking off into a corner for Kanye to win his supporters back.