LA Fitness calls cops on black member for...nothing

UPDATE: As I predicted, the manager and two staff members have been fired by LA Fitness.

Original Story:
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If H&M, Starbucks, AppleBee's, Denny's or any other business with problems when it comes to the treatment of black consumers should have taught us, it is that their (mis)treatment of us should be seen as an opportunity to create and patronize our own.

Now, let's add LA Fitness to this list. Earlier this week, Tshyrad Oates went to work out using a 4-day guest pass, accompanying a friend who is an active member of the Secaucus, NJ location. According to Mr. Oates, about an hour into his workout, he was approached by gym staffer, who told he he would have to leave because he had not paid. When he explained to her was on a guest pass, the staff member then claimed that his friend had not paid.

The friend explained to her that he was a member in good standing and that his gym tag in his locker. Apparently, this did not satisfy the staffer because, a short while later, two police officers showed up, asking the two men why they had not paid. Mr. Oates and his friend produced their badges and, upon scanning, it showed that both of their statuses as active.

So, this should be the end of the story, right?

The two men resumed their workouts and, ten minutes later, the manager shows up, telling them they need to leave. Then, two minutes later, FIVE police officers show up to escort the men out. According to Oates, the manager, who refused to give his name, told him that he was banned and his friend's membership had been terminated.

The men were able able to capture some of of their interactions on 4 videos, which Tshyrad Oates posted to Facebook:

What is striking is that, in the last video, none of the officers can figure out why they are even there.

If it goes as I suspect, this LA Fitness location will be minus one manager and at least one staff member. Nonetheless, as black people, our money needs to be tied to our treatment. More importantly, this is just another reminder of how, when you create viable alternatives of your own, you don't have to put up with this nonsense.