Home Media Steve Harvey crosses the line with “joke” about Flint
Steve Harvey crosses the line with “joke” about Flint

Steve Harvey crosses the line with “joke” about Flint


I’m not from Flint. I’m not even from Michigan.  However, none of that is required when it comes to showing concern for what’s happening there.  So, when I hear someone mocking their plight, it gets may back up.

So, Steve Harvey was in his feelings when a caller from Flint mocked the Cleveland Cavaliers losing in the NBA finals.  Now, for most of us, a comeback to that would be to, perhaps, clown the Detroit Pistons for not making it to the playoffs.  Instead, Harvey goes for the low blow and, by doing so, belittles a very serious situation — one which has caused the deaths of a least 12 people and harmed an entire generation of the city’s children — the Flint water crisis.

You can hear Steve Harvey’s co-hosts telling him he’s going too far, even though they seemed to be yucking it up, too.  But, then he tells the caller this:

“enjoy your nice brown glass of water.”

I contend that, even if he was directing this toward the caller, the situation he’s joking about is not funny.  This man-made, entirely avoidable tragedy has been a daily part of the lives of the majority-black city.  You’d think that compassion, or at least good common sense, would have him pull back on something that would justifiably touch a raw nerve for anyone dealing with or concerned about this situation.

If this were a one-off for him, I might have avoided commenting but, this is the same man who belittled black concerns about slavery, who gave Paula Deen a platform to launch her comeback after her history of racism was exposed and who, in an attempt to cozy up to President Trump, got played for a photo-op, while claiming he went there to represent black folks.

No, Steve Harvey is out for Steve Harvey and the rest of us be damned.  We’ll see if he apologizes but, let’s be clear — he has once again shown that he’s not the least bit concerned about throwing black people under the bus, even if it’s for no more than to satisfy his bruised ego.

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