#ParkingWhileBlack: White woman calls police on Black Couple for parking too close to crosswalk

Well, folks...we got another one.  This time, it's in Portland, Oregon.

Rashsaan Muhammad and Mattie Khan pulled up outside a local burger spot to pick up their order.  While inside, they noticed that a woman across the street was staring at their vehicle.  After getting their food and heading back to the car, they noticed that the woman was reading off their license number to someone on the other end of the phone.

The couple says it was clear to them that the woman had called the police. It was at that point that Mattie Khan had the presence of mind to begin recording this interaction.  When they tried to initiate a conversation with the woman, she complained to them about how their car was parked, saying they were blocking the crosswalk.  

The video shows them close to the crosswalk but, not blocking it.

The woman, who has now been dubbed "Crosswalk Cathy", made it a point to tell the couple that she lived in the neighborhood.  However, so does the couple. Muhammad was born and raised in the community.  Khan has been there since she was nine.  

Muhammad believes that, because the neighborhood is changing, the new residents are less inclined to interact with members in their community.  Thus, this situation skipped a simple, civil conversation and went immediately to calling the police.

Well, my suggestion to "Crosswalk Cathy" is to, next time, mind your business and quit calling police over trivial things.  But, for now, hold this "L" and welcome to your new life as an internet meme.