"Permit Patty" out as CEO following backlash for calling cops on 8-year-old black girl

Last week, Alison Ettel became one more in the long line of white people calling police on black people for the most flismy of reasons. In this case, she called (or at least claimed to calling) the police on a 8-year-old neighbor for selling bottled water outside of their building.

The girl's mom posted video of her interaction with Ettel. The video went viral and Ettel was dubbed "Permit Patty".

After being roasted on the internet, Ettel went on the "Today Show" and put herself up as the true victim in all this, citing the mean comments and messages and even alleged that she had received death threats (side note: if the latter happened, it was definitely out-of-bounds and in need of reporting to authorities, if possible). However, she clearly knew that she had stepped in it and apologized.

As this story developed, we learned that they 8-year-old was selling water to pay for a trip to Disneyland. Her mother had recently lost her job so, she had no money to take the girl (In a bit of good news, a Twitter user bought them tickets).

What was also discovered was that Ettel was the CEO of a cannabis edibles company, which manufactured them for human and pet consumption. The interesting part of this was that, it doesn't appear that there's not a lot of scientific backing for providing cannabis to pets and, as such, selling these products for pets lands people in legal gray areas. In other words, "Permit Patty" was selling cannabis-laced products for pets without a permit of her own.

However, I am burying the lede here. It seems that her actions did not sit well with dispensaries carrying her products and her company began hemmoraging customers.

Even if her call was fake, Ettel was dealing with the real-world implications of her behavior. So, on Tuesday, she stepped down as CEO of her company, Treatwell Health. A company spokeswoman stated *"It is Ms. Ettel's belief that TreatWell, its employees and patients should not have to suffer because of a situation that occurred in an escalated moment." *

This is just another in a long line of these incidents. We can only hope that people will re-think these behaviors if they are made to deal with the consequences of these actions.