Professor calls police on black student for resting feet on seat

So, we have another "reason" to call police on a black person: resting their feet.

This incident occurred the afternoon of November 12, during a Biology class at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  According to fellow student Apurva Rawal, who recorded and posted the aftermath of the incident on Twitter, the professor had taken issue with other students who were on their phones instead of paying attention to her lecture.  She then turned her attention to a black female student who had her feet propped up on a chair in front of her.  The professor, Anita Moss, told the student that if she didn't take her feet down, Moss would call the police on her.  

According to the student, her actions did not violate the school's code of conduct but, nonetheless, officers did escort her out and a police report was filed.

Obviously, when incidents like this occur, opinions fall on either side.  Some say that the professor overreacted.  Others question why the student didn't take her feet down sooner.  However, this incident did cause a big enough concern that the university has started its own investigation into the the incident.

A statement from the university reads, in part:

While the facts aren’t fully known regarding today’s incident, our Office of Equal Opportunity Services is already conducting an investigation into possible discrimination. In addition, an inquiry regarding the academic management of the classroom is being conducted by Interim Dean of the College of Sciences Howard Grimes.

Beyond this particular incident, I am very much aware that the circumstance represents another example of the work we need to do as an institution around issues of inclusivity and supporting our students of color.