Roseanne refers to black Obama adviser as an "ape", gets dragged and backpedals.

In another shining example of how money can't buy class, Roseanne Barr has, again, let us know that she is a straight-up racist.

This time, it has manifested itself in the form of a "joke", in which she referred to former Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett as an ape.

It came in the form of a Tweet, which read:

"muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby=vj"


Once Barr started getting checked for this comment, she retreated to the defense of it being a "joke". When challenged on her racism, she tweeted "Muslims r NOT a race." I guess she chose to glaze over the part where she called a black woman an ape.

I don't know who got in her ear (I don't believe her conscience is bigger than her ego) but, whoever it was must have told her that she was messing with the money because, a short while later, she did a complete 180 with a tweet that reads like it was written by a publicist.


If you don't know, Roseanne rolls with the Trump/Alex Jones crowd, who traffic in right-wing conspiracy, anti-Semitism and racism. However, I suspect that this latest incident might be a step too far. Her employer, ABC Television, has not issued any public statements but, I imagine that once advertisers start answering uncomfortable questions about their ties to Roseanne, they won't be able to stay quiet much longer.