"South Park Susan" turns herself in

By now, we ought to know the checklist for these things:

1. Call the police on a black person or persons for something that is not a crime.
2. Get recorded carrying out said harassment.
3. Go viral
4. Lose your livelihood and/or residence.
5. Rinse,lather, repeat

Now, it looks like someone unlocked a new achievement: face criminal charges.

This feat was accomplished by none other than Susan Westwood, 51, of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is joining the game under the tag "South Park Susan".

Last month, Westwood was captured on video harassing two black women, sisters Chele and Leisa Garris, who were outside their apartment waiting on AAA to come to assist with some vehicle trouble they were having.  Westwood, who they later found lived in the same complex, appeared to have been drinking and, with her inhibitions down, let her racism loose.

She proceeded to question the women on who they were and why they were there, implying that, given they were in the South Park section of town, these women must have been out-of-place.  She says other things like, claiming the two women must have children out-of-wedlock, that she's better than them because she had a job paying 6 figures and even made a reference to having a gun on her person.

If this wasn't bad enough, one of the sisters told police that Westwood pushed her in the face.  When they tried getting away from her, Westwood followed them to their residence.

Some time during this encounter, Susan Westwood also called 911, claiming that the women were attempting to break into homes:

"There are folks that are trying to break in. They're trying to get in the apartments. I'm trying to do it in a very clandestine manner because it's actually on Fairview Road...They are actually people that I've never seen here before - but they are African American."

Chele and Leisa Garris, fortunately, had the presence of mind to call 911 to report this harassment.  When the police showed, the two black women were still there but Westwood fled the scene.

So, if you follow our check list, you know how this went.  The video went viral.  Westwood lost that supposed 6-figure job with Charter Communications.  She was also evicted from her apartment complex.  Also, thanks to her fake 911 calls and police reports filed by the two women, the cops were looking for her.  

For a while, it appeared that Westwood was in the wind, as police were unable to locate her.

Well, this past Saturday, South Park Susan turned herself into police.  She faces a misdemeanor charge for misuse of the 911 system.  She is also facing four charges of  simple assault and communicating threats.

Additionally, the Garris sisters have retained the services of an attorney to explore a possible civil suit against Westwood.

So, if you're keeping score, racism cost Westwood a job, a home, bail money, leaves her facing criminal charges and she could be hit with a civil suit.

All of this could have been avoided it she would have taken her drunk behind home and minded her own business.  

So, once again I have to ask, "Was it worth it?"